The Studio

The Pilates Room is located within one of Irvine’s most historic buildings. Now named Sovereign House, the former Irvine Royal Academy was officially opened in 1901 and served as a school until 1993. The building boasts high ceilings and large windows which flood the studio with natural light to provide a warm, welcoming and intimate environment, ideal for Pilates.

We provide an inclusive space where we teach Classical Pilates to all ability levels. Our clients include elite athletes, Pilates newbies and ‘everybody’ in between and we are proud to be Ayrshire’s only fully Gratz™ equipped Pilates Apparatus Studio.

Within the Pilates Room studio, we offer One to One and Duo Apparatus sessions utilising all of the studio equipment. We are also the only studio in the area to offer group Mat & Tower classes using dedicated Gratz™ Studio Wall Units.

There is ample parking in the dedicated car park at the front of the building. There is also wheelchair access and a lift if required.

About Lisa

Lisa is a fully certified Comprehensive Classical Pilates teacher with a passion for helping others. She is committed to providing access to Pilates for as many people in the area as possible, whilst also remaining true to the original method and apparatus.

‘Having worked with clients from all walks of life, and with varying ability levels, I am continually inspired by the possible results and the genius of Joseph Pilates at work’

The Benefits of Pilates

The benefits are endless, but regular Pilates can:

  • Improve posture, improve flexibility and correct muscular imbalances.
  • Reshape the body making it leaner and more toned
  • Improve core strength and stability
  • Improve balance and body awareness
  • Assist sports performance and recovery
  • Boost mood and improve cognitive function

Many doctors and medical professionals recommend Pilates to aid recovery and rehabilitation from injury or illness.

Just three months after starting Pilates from scratch with Lisa (both in group classes and in private sessions) I went on an extended skiing trip to Italy. I was amazed with the improvements I gained from doing Pilates. I felt that my core muscles were so much stronger, giving me better balance and allowing me to ski faster and better ‘with control’ at all times! Another noticeable benefit was an improvement in my mobility and flexibility – I could bend and stretch much more freely.
Shirley, Ardrossan
I ran one and a half miles today and it didn’t jolt or jar my back‘. That’s all down to Pilates. Thank you and long may it continue….
June, West Kilbride

I have been attending Lisa’s Pilates for over a year now. To my surprise there were people with different levels of fitness, all age groups and different shapes and sizes. I am in my 60’s and have had a hip replacement due to arthritis. Very soon I realised that Lisa has a passion for Pilates that is evident in all of her classes. BUT (and the “proof of the pudding”) is that there is a improvement in my POSTURE, WALKING , MUSCLE TONE and STRENGTH. Pilates suits everyone no matter what their age. I am now as passionate as Lisa about Pilates and would recommend her classes. I would go every day if I could. The improvements are amazing.

Anne, Stevenston