About Lisa Paterson

From a sports background originally, Lisa Paterson spent her early career within the fitness industry. She initially studied Sports Coaching and Development before moving into a more gym-oriented environment where she gained additional professional accreditation in Personal Training and Nutrition. She went on to work as the Fitness Manager of a popular health club in Ayrshire for a number of years.

Lisa’s initial reasons for starting Pilates were born out of a wish to continue exercising after sustaining a number of injuries, and undergoing a number of periods of injury rehabilitation. Following advice given to her by an Osteopath, she was encouraged to try Pilates in order to strengthen some areas of weakness and address some muscular imbalances in the body. Pilates had a profound effect on Lisa and she attributes the physical improvements she made, and her subsequent return to physical fitness, to the power of Pilates. After a period of reflection, she made a conscious decision to change career direction and train to teach Pilates in Ayrshire.

Lisa has trained in Pilates for many years. Initially qualifying in Mat instruction through Corpus Pilates, she went on to study the Classical method in much greater depth, both mat and apparatus, and has been fortunate to study under several eminent Pilates teachers from around the world. Lisa is a certified Comprehensive Classical Pilates teacher and is a graduate of the Everybody Pilates Comprehensive Certification Program with 2nd Generation Teacher Trainer, Amy Kellow.

Passionate about Pilates, Lisa is an eternal student of the method. She continues to regularly train with other inspirational teachers as part of her own practise, and to develop her skills further.

‘Change happens through movement and movement heals’

Joseph Pilates

Just three months after starting Pilates from scratch with Lisa (both in group classes and in private sessions) I went on an extended skiing trip to Italy. I was amazed with the improvements I gained from doing Pilates. I felt that my core muscles were so much stronger, giving me better balance and allowing me to ski faster and better ‘with control’ at all times! Another noticeable benefit was an improvement in my mobility and flexibility – I could bend and stretch much more freely.
Shirley, Ardrossan
I ran one and a half miles today and it didn’t jolt or jar my back‘. That’s all down to Pilates. Thank you and long may it continue….
June, West Kilbride

I have been attending Lisa’s Pilates for over a year now. To my surprise there were people with different levels of fitness, all age groups and different shapes and sizes. I am in my 60’s and have had a hip replacement due to arthritis. Very soon I realised that Lisa has a passion for Pilates that is evident in all of her classes. BUT (and the “proof of the pudding”) is that there is a improvement in my POSTURE, WALKING , MUSCLE TONE and STRENGTH. Pilates suits everyone no matter what their age. I am now as passionate as Lisa about Pilates and would recommend her classes. I would go every day if I could. The improvements are amazing.

Anne, Stevenston